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For any amount of your donation, we would love to send you one of our all natural farm products.  Each one is home made and includes a Bible verse on the packaging.  A great present for your family and friends!  Please send your donation to:

Gods Vision Ministries
PO Box 812
Enosburg, VT 05450

Please send us a note with your address and product preference, and we will get it to you as soon as possible.

Raspberry Jam

Dried Apple Chips -
Locally picked apples dried at home make an awesome healthy snack anytime and anywhere. All natural, no preservartives

Home made granola
Suggested donation $10 per a quart size bag
Suggested donation $10 per a quart size bag

Suggested donation $10 for 6 ounce jar,

all natural, low fat granola, christian retreat farm product
rasberry jam, all natutral, no sugar added, christian retreat farm product, for donations only
Donate to our ministry online (tax-deductible)
Donate to our ministry online (tax-deductible)
DVD | Play For God: Motivational Basketball Video
Video - Basketball
Suggested Donation: $15

Product Description and Features:

Play for God.  94 min DVD. 3 great videos in 1!  Motivation, basic basketball drills, and advanced tricks.
Part 1 – Motivational Presentation 18 min
In the first part of this video, Ilze shares how even basketball can be used for God. Includes clips from Ilze’s Christian basketball entertainment and motivational presentation. Ilze gets audience attention with basketball tricks and gives a message on putting God first, working hard for God, enjoying life, never give up on God’s values, and living in balance with other people.

Part 2 – Basketball Basics 18 min
In the second part of the video, Ilze shares her practical experience in teaching the basic basketball skills to beginner basketball players.  Let’s get REAL and start RIGHT from the beginning!  This video will help coaches and players who are just starting out.  Drills are demonstrated by ballhandling expert Ilze Luneau who explains them to REAL beginner basketball players.  REPETITION is the key, but you have to keep it FUN.  Video includes drills and games that will help beginner basketball players to learn basic footwork and basketball techniques RIGHT from the start while keeping it FUN. Includes drills for footwork, dribbling, passing and shooting.

Part 3 – Advanced Tricks 25 min
If you have seen Ilze do her basketball tricks with 1-6 basketballs, and wondered “How does she do it?”, the 3rd part of the video is for you.  Not only will Ilze show you how to dribble and juggle 3-6 basketballs, but she will also share her practical tips on how to practice just about anything.  And, by popular demand, Ilze will share how to spin a basketball and how to use a balance board. Have fun and use this video to develop your own creativity with the basketball!

Special Features 25 min
Ilze’s Testimony
God’s Vision Ministry, Inc.
More Advanced Drills and Games for Beginners

Ilze Luneau is a Christian motivational performer who can dribble 6 basketballs at once and has performed at NBA, WNBA, and college basketball games.  Her greatest passion is following Jesus Christ and encouraging everyone to live their lives for God and use their God given talents and gifts for God’s glory. Ilze and Matt have 3 daughters, Iliana, Marika and Evangelica.
Donate to our ministry online (tax-deductible)
Suggested Donation: $15

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